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Uncover the Best Places to Eat in Fuengirola: Discover Local Restaurants, Cafes, Supermarkets and Markets

Jun 19, 2023Travel Guide

Savour Fuengirola: An Introduction

Welcome to Fuengirola, a vibrant seaside town on Spain’s stunning Costa del Sol. This gem offers a culinary adventure for every palette, where traditional Spanish flavours coexist with international cuisine. From charming local restaurants and cozy cafes to well-stocked supermarkets and bustling markets that are perfect for self-catering Fuengirola holidays, get ready to uncover the best places to eat in Fuengirola.

Best Fuengirola Restaurants: A Diverse Range of Flavors

Fuengirola’s dining scene reflects the city’s vibrant culture and love for good food. Known for its delicious Spanish and international cuisines, the city offers a host of eateries that cater to all tastes and preferences. Some popular restaurants that capture the flavours of Fuengirola include:

  • Bistro Michel: This is a great restaurant in Torreblanco, just a short walk from Villa Carmen. This chic European bistro is one of our favorites. Experience Spanish cuisine infused with French techniques, using fresh local ingredients. Outstanding service and reasonable prices make it ideal for special occasions and romantic evenings.
  • Los Enebros: A popular stylish and modern restaurant offering a mix of international and Mediterranean cuisine, with an extensive wine list.
  • Chiringuito Los Marinos Jose and Chiringuito El Juncal come highly recommended for their exceptional seafood offerings and beautiful beach views.
  • The Hole in the Wall: This tapas bar offers a delightful array of quality dishes at good prices. With its friendly staff, inviting vibe, and varied selection of beers and wines, it’s one of our go-to places locally.
  • Restaurante Palangreros: This place is known for its excellent selection of fresh seafood dishes and traditional Spanish cuisine.
  • The Sandpiper: A British-run restaurant that’s well-known for its hearty breakfasts and Sunday roasts, perfect for families.
  • La Langosta: With its prime seafront location, this restaurant is renowned for its paella and seafood dishes.

Cafes: The Heartbeat of Fuengirola

Fuengirola has an impressive assortment of cafes, perfect for morning coffees, light lunches, or lazy afternoon treats. With their friendly service and delightful ambience, here are some favourite spots among locals and tourists alike:

  • Café Nomad: A trendy café known for its delicious breakfast bowls and artisan coffee.
  • Picoteo: Renowned for its authentic tapas dishes and Spanish cuisine, you’ll be taken on a culinary journey through Spain’s rich food culture.
  • Scoffers Café: a popular spot known for its delicious British-style breakfasts at a great price with a welcoming ambiance and great view.
  • San Chocolate Coffee Gallery: Known for its gourmet coffees and decadent chocolate treats, it’s a haven for all coffee and chocolate lovers.
  • Delicioso: A breakfast and afternoon tea spot famous for its delightful pastries, cakes, and quality coffees.
  • Tejeringo’s Coffee: This café stands out with its ‘tejeringos’, a local churro-like delicacy, perfectly complemented by robust coffee.
  • Litoral – Specialty Coffee: A minimalist-style café famed for its artisanal coffee brews, crafted from globally sourced beans for a unique tasting experience.

Supermarkets and Markets: For the Perfect Self Catering Fuengirola Holiday

For those who prefer cooking or are staying in holiday homes in Fuengirola, knowing the best places to shop for groceries is essential. Fuengirola boasts well-stocked supermarkets and fantastic fresh produce:

  • Mercadona: A popular choice for the wide selection of goods, including fresh produce, bakery goods, meat, fish and international food items. They have several stores located in Fuengirola.
  • Bio Market: A must-visit for lovers of organic fresh fruit and vegetables in Fuengirola and pantry items. 
  • Mercado Municipal La Galería: A bustling traditional Spanish market in the heart of town, ideal for fresh seafood, meat, fruits, and vegetables.

For a more authentic experience, visit one of the bustling local markets where you can discover the freshest ingredients for your self-catered meals. From vibrant fruits and vegetables to delicious meats and cheeses, you’ll find everything you need to whip up some tasty dishes at your villa. Here are a few of the markets:

  • Fuengirola Street Market: The largest market in Fuengirola and the perfect place to shop for fresh food (as well as clothes, gifts, etc) every Tuesday and Saturday in the fairground.
  • Mijas Costa Market: Held every Friday in the nearby town of Mijas Costa, this market is a great option for fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as artisanal products like cheese and olive oil. 

Dietary Needs: Gluten-Free, Vegetarian, and Vegan Options

Fuengirola’s food offerings aren’t just diverse in cuisine, but also in accommodating various dietary requirements. With vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options aplenty, Fuengirola makes it easy for everyone to enjoy their meal times. Many cafes and restaurants are becoming increasingly flexible with dietary requests, so don’t hesitate to ask, even at non-specialist places. For those who prefer specialist eateries, here’s a roundup of a few standout options that cater specifically to dietary needs:

  • Fast Vegan:  Best known for its large variety of vegan tapas with great service.
  • Café Nomad: Known for its healthy, organic options including many options to meet different dietary requirements. A popular choice for breakfast or brunch including breakfast bowls and smoothies.
  • Vegabonty: A 100% vegan cake shop including ice-cream with gluten-free options. Lots of popular choices will suit vegans and non-vegans alike.

Conclusion: Foodie’s Paradise

From family-friendly restaurants and quaint cafes to markets bustling with fresh produce, the best places to eat in Fuengirola offer a food scene as diverse as it is appetizing. Whether you have specific dietary requirements or simply want to indulge in delicious Spanish cuisine, this city has got you covered.

Don’t forget, the charm of a self-catered holiday in Fuengirola also lets you whip up your own meals at Villa Carmen, a perfect opportunity to experiment with fresh local ingredients. Whether you want to cook your own BBQ by the pool or savour an anti-pasta platter of the delectable items you pick up at the markets, Villa Carmen provides the perfect setting for your next holiday.

Start planning your holiday now and reach out to check availability at Villa Carmen for your preferred dates. Your unforgettable culinary journey in Fuengirola is just a click away!


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